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PonyIsland is a pet-sim pony game where you can train and breed ponies and visit different parts of the PonyIsland world. It involves a large, interactive community of players that buy, sell, and trade ponies, and moderated forums where players can chat. There are more than fifteen pony breeds to choose from and millions of color combinations so that you can find just the right pony pet. You can even have a whole herd. See the PI Breeds.

Islands -- You'll start with your very own island and your very first barn, which you can upgrade with special features and additional space as you bring home more and more ponies. You can own over a hundred ponies on your island and choose its different features. Will your island be sunny and bright? Or dark and gloomy? Will you have lots of snow? Lots of sand? Rocks? Jungles? Volcanos? Maybe you prefer the quiet of space on your very own space island?


Training -- You can train your pony in your Arena and participate in contests held by other players. Contest types include Racing, Hide and Seek, Marathons, Beauty Pageants, Air Ballet for flying ponies, and Diving for water ponies. Participation in contests gives your pony experience points, which helps to raise its levels. Levels will increase a pony's Intelligence, Strength, Agility, and Charisma, which makes him a better competitor. Ponies with high levels can sometimes produce foals with high levels and contesting can also award you with prize money and fame.


Starter Pony -- when you join PonyIsland, you'll be asked to make your very first pony in the Pony Generator. This extra special area of the game allows you to choose some details of your pony and generate your pony's profile. Ponies created in this way are called starter ponies, which are used to develop new breeding lines of ponies. Many players think their first starter pony is extra special because it was their first.

Breeding -- You can choose two of your own ponies to breed or pay to breed your mare with someone else's stallion. A mare is pregnant for five days. The foal will inherit genetic traits from its parents that influence its colors, breed, and special traits like spots or stripes. All ponies have pedigrees that track their ancestry and some things like inbreeding can be tracked on the pony's profile. Breeding goals vary amongst the players and different player groups. Your personal breeding goals can be whatever you dream.


PonyGold -- you can buy just about everything with PonyGold, the currency on PonyIsland. Every day you will get paid automatically. How much you get paid varies based on your salary. The more ponies you buy, the more salary you will earn. This helps to cover the cost of feeding your ponies, but to do things like increase your barn size you will need to carefully budget your finances. Money management is essential part of your gameplay. You can increase the amount of Pony Gold you have by selling the ponies you breed, by going on quests, hosting contests, and also by putting money in the bank and letting it accumulate interest.

BonusPoints -- when you quest, pay for your account, or when you recruit new players to the game, you will earn bonus points. Accumulating bonus points will unlock new site features, including barn styles, types of islands, new pony breeds, and special genetic traits. You will collect bonus points to generate new starter ponies and make special items.

Pony Market:

Pony Market -- every player on PonyIsland can buy and sell ponies to each other in the gamewide Pony Market. You can browse the Pony Market and the barns of fellow players or use the search function to look for specific types of ponies to buy. When you want to sell a pony, you can input both a sale price and the option for other players to bid on your pony.


Food and Fashion -- Every pony loves a tasty treat. Visit the store and purchase apples, carrots, cupcakes, and even pizza for your pony. These snacks will improve your pony's mood. A happy pony will train and behave his very best. To reward your pony, visit the rest of the store for items your pony can wear, including ribbons, necklaces, scarves, leg bands, and even glowing horseshoes. The items in the store vary seasonally and chang eduring special events, so be sure to visit frequently.


PonyCards is an easy card game played with your own ponies and their attributes as the playing-cards. It's played against 1-3 other users and whoever owns the most cards at the end of the game wins the game. You can challenge your friends or play a pre-made game against random users through the lobby.

Memory is your basic memory cards game, can be played with your own ponies, ponies from the Pony Of The Week list or ponies from the Top list, and can be played for fun or to win PonyGold. Find the cards that match in the shortest possible time using as few clicks as possible.

PonySpy is a spin on the classic game "Minesweeper". You're a scout for either the good or the bad side and you're scouting an area while trying to avoid being discovered by the other sides minions. Do it as fast as possible and without discovery to get the highest possible score.


Tattooing -- in addition to items, ponies can be given their own special tattoos. Make your own!


Special Events and Festivals -- every season the staff of PonyIsland puts on a special event or festival to introduce new themes. You are invited to play games and enter contests to win exclusive snacks, items, and ponies. You can even acquire rare items that offer better stat boosts and help your pony train and contest better. The biggest celebration of the year is held on March 13th, PonyIsland's official birthday. Celebrate the fun with us!

Make Friends -- as you play PonyIsland, you will encounter players of all ages from around the world. You can add new friends to your friend list and send messages to each other through the private message system, which is similar to email. Many players will form their own clubs or groups within the game, either to breed or train their ponies as a group or to celebrate things they have in common. The biggest clubs are called Associations. These are managed by the players and have their own forums on the site and their own special events and activities.

Explore the Community -- the site offers a wide variety of forums for players to investigate based on their own interests in the game. PonyIsland also offers its players opportunities to express their creativity with writing, roleplay, artwork, and design. Places worth visiting include:

PI News and Updates -- get the latest on new site features and activities.
Discussion Forum -- talk about the PonyIsland game.
Help Forum -- get help with specific features of the game.
Friend Forum -- talk about your day and chat with friends.

Azuyan is the fantasy world of PonyIsland, where the beautiful Cyan Lady is leading the armies of light in the fight against the evil Dragonlord Korr and his dark hordes. It is an epic fantasy with ponies and magic. Its stories are created and shared by the players in the game. Azuyan has its own association that you can join. Bring your best ponies and roleplay in these epic battles, go on mysterious quests, or just hang out with your favorite characters.

The Writer's Guild is where you can write your own stories and roleplay in your own settings. Share your work with other players. Get tips and feedback.

The Adoptables Forum is a favorite with artists who like to design and draw their own animals and humanoids species, then offer that artwork as an item to other players. An adoptable is a special piece of art that a player can "adopt" in exchange for pony gold and other resources. It usually involves templated art that is recolored and might have different growth stages from baby to adult. It might even be able to breed, but each adoptable is unique with unique rules and stories, owned and run by a different person or a team of people who make up the adoptable community.

The Artwork Forum is where you can share drawings and digital art. Get tips and feedback.

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