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An Overview of the Forums

Adoptables General
This is the main forum for the adoptable critters on Pony Island. In this forum, batches of adoptables are released, events are held, and discussions about popular adoptables are in progress. It's for selling, games, competitions, giveaways, general chat and anything else that does not fit into the other five forums.

Adpt Help and Ideas
If you're planning to make an adoptable, show off your ideas here. You'll get excellent feedback and constructive criticism. You might even find a partner to team up with.

Adoptables Breeding
If it's breeding season for your adoptable, you can advertise your adoptable's availability for breeding here.

Adoptables Brag
If you've gotten the adoptable you always wanted, post here and have a party!

Adoptables Trading
This forum is for adoptable based trades. So trading your adoptable for other people's adoptables/ponies/bp/$ etc. If your trade is more BP/PG/Pony based, your post might do better in the non - pony sales forum.

Adpt Introduction
When starting a new adoptable you're required to start out by spending the first 3 weeks in the Adoptable Introduction forum.

During this time you're only allowed to hold giveaways, no raffles, paid customs, auctions, or other types of sales for any reason. This time is to reduce the risk of people paying for stolen art and to give people a chance to report stolen art used in new adoptables, as an adoptable creator we suggest that you use this time to get comfortable with your new adoptable and to get a nice fan base by making sure people know about and appreciate your adoptable.

If your adoptable has been inactive for over one year, you will be required to repeat the 3 week Introduction process.

Adoptable Approvals
An old forum no longer in active use.

Adoptables Rules

Anthro Adoptables
Anthro Adoptables are permitted on PonyIsland, but they must abide by the standards. If you have anthro adoptables on your site that doesn't follow the following rules, you must post a warning before the link informing that there are naked/partially clothed anthros on your site. This also goes for threads and presentations.

Female Guidelines:
No underwear/bikini style on top or bottom.
Must have top half covered appropriately and no tiny shorts/belt skirts or underwear on bottom.

Male Guidelines:
May be topless.
May not be wearing tiny underwear/shorts/loin cloths.
Should wear normal shorts/trousers etc.

Adoptables With Their Own Site
As long as the site only is of a presentational kind with no sign in or other sim like features you don't have to worry about this.

When your adoptable has grown so big you've decided to start your own sim like site for it with sign in features and such, the rules do change a little. You may advertise and accept payments for supplemental sites, on the condition that those sites be available to PI players to use and that PI players have access a basic free account on the site and that a link to PI is provided on the site in question. In exchange, you may advertise that site to the PI user base. All sites are subject to review, meaning that they must be approved by an admin and must present content appropriate for PI as per our site rules.

If your adoptable site is to be eligible for this it must fulfil the following:
-Your adoptable is regularly available on PI and generally sold for PonyGold and allowed on presentations.
-Your adoptables website has a free permanent option (may have upgrades but a basic account is free - NOT a free trial).
-You do not NEED to sign up on the outside site (the adoptables site) in order to adopt on PI.

When Selling Lineart and Artwork
When selling lineart and artwork on PonyIsland you as the artist should be aware that as a general rule we consider the artwork an item and refer to the artwork sold here as an item and that means that once sold the original artist has no further say in what becomes of the piece unless stated in a written contract between the buyer and seller saying that the artwork is licensed out for a specific purpose and time period and not sold with full rights. So if you for example sell lineart for an adoptable, full rights to the artwork is given to the new owners unless otherwise is stated in a contract between you and the buyer.

Concerning the Use of Free Lineart as Adoptables
Free to Use Lineart received from other sites will not be accepted on PonyIsland for an adoptable base regardless of permission given by the artist who has created it. The MODs and ADMN have reached this decision due to the fact that this lineart is available for any one to use. Only lineart that has been purchased through commissioning an artist, gifted or drawn by the artist will be permitted to be used as an adoptable base.

If you have any questions or concerns about an adoptable or free use lines, please open a support ticket.

Art Theft
Art theft is borrowing, tracing, or otherwise copying art from copyrighted sources without permission and this is is strictly prohibited. If you are unsure if something is copyrighted, never assume it's free to use. Most pieces, drawings and photos, are copyrighted whether or not they have the (c) copyright notice published directly on them. Assume it is free to use only if it specifically says it is free to use, and in the case of adoptables, free to reproduce for profit and even then, ask first. If you are found using any material that is not your own without permission, it is considered art theft.

All adoptable makers should be prepared to provide at any time sketches, lineart, references used to create the art (whether drawings, renderings, photographs or other media), as well as proof of permission to use it, and samples of their other work, including galleries if they have them, in the event their work comes under scrutiny due to reports of possible art theft. Art theft will result in a minimum 3 week forum ban with possible extension to a total site ban.

If you're unsure about the art theft rules or if you're allowed to use something for an adoptable, please contact a Moderator or Admin and ask them so you don't risk being banned.

If you believe you have found stolen work, please PM links and all information to a Moderator or Admin to deal with as quickly as possible. The more information you can give us, the quicker we can act.
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Adoptable Auction Rules for Bidders and Sellers - READ

June 8th, 2007 at 18:00PI time, it was decided that Live Auction rules were now being applied to the Adoptables forums. Please familiarize yourself with them before participating in any auctions on this forums, whether buying or selling.

Rules for Bidders can be found in this thread:

Rules for Sellers can be found in this thread:
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Rules and Guidelines for Animal Adoptables

Formal rules are still in the process of being written. However, to get an idea of what is, and is not accepted, please view the following thread:


If you have any questions or concerns regarding an Animal Adoptable, or are just not sure as to whether or not it is deemed "acceptable" by PI standards, please do not hesitate to open a support ticket and ask.

Once formal rules are added to the manual itself, I will then edit it in here at that time.
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Rules and Guidelines for Cosplays and Custom Poses

The Rules and Guidelines for Cosplays and Custom Poses are currently being rewritten to reflect our change in rules. Once a set of thorough, and formal rules are written up, I will edit this post accordingly.

Until then, if you feel a cosplay or custom pose breaches our standards regarding our art theft rules, or our rules concerning what is and is not acceptable on PI, please open a support ticket to clarify.
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What Makes an Adoptable

Our definition of an adoptable:
Adoptables are a series of art graphics, produced by one person or a team, that adhere to a single concept or design.

It is an adoptable if:
+ It has a template/lineart/outline/base
+ It is breedable
+ It is numbered
+ It has a certificate identifying the name of the owner or the creature in the art
(ANY of the above will qualify a piece as an adoptable, unless it is actual fanart- which is a unique piece of art.)

It is not an adoptable if:
+ It is a one of a kind piece of art that will not be duplicated
(Custom posed or hand-drawn adoptables excluded)
+ It is a commission based on a PI pony
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