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I seem to be on a roll for black tonight. LOL. Anyways, this is my newest DVSO pair. I was wondering how much they would be worth. Either them or their potential DVSO


Eyes: 034|255|000
Hair: 000|255|122 000|235|222
Body: 005|000|009 <---14 points off black
Extra: 102|255|000<---Pure Sweet Lime 255|254|000 <---1 point off yellow

Color Matcher


Eyes: 000|138|137
Hair: 000|255|124 133|170|000
Body: 039|000|032
Extra: 011|255|000 <---11 points off green! 255|169|000<---1 point off Butterscotch!

Color Matcher

Test Breeds colorized ZF and Hfade (First six, no cherry picking, not sure why they all ended up female either):

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I personally greatly dislike zebrafinch, so would probably not buy one, but depending on the hexes, I can see those going for a decent prince. Possibly 500k - 1 mil, if he got his daddy's hexes. Probably 300k-500k if he's skewed towards his mom.

The kirin boy, I absolutely love, and should you decide to split the pair, I would buy him in an instant at 1-1.5 million PG ((possibly more at live auction, depending)). >.> Yellow and black are my weakness... and his test breeds with czebra are amazing.
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And then I shall nom. Yes, there will be SO MUCH nomming. So, be afraid. Very. CHECK BABIES

No idea on the true worth... I'd pay 150K-200K for the pair.

And I simple ADORE the babies. :smile I'd pay maybe 75K-100K for one.
But I'm very much a cheapskate.

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Want BP? Toss me a PM. 10k per BP, 950k per 100BP

Very Boring Grownups

Those DVSOs are yummy!! Nice name choices :XD

I'd price them around the 300k-400k range for the DVSOs.
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