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Title: [OH] Solari Noru Teisor: Finding An Heir

RP Leader: ponylover6

Type of RP: Open to all

Setting: (world profile coming soon)

Plot Outline: Recently, the king of Azron, one of the largest kingdoms on the island, has been feeling a bit ill. So he is looking for someone to take his place while he's ill. But then, what starts out as a simple search for an heir to the throne, becomes a deadly mission when one of the most treasured and important relics in the kingdom is stolen. The stone of Arithma, the kingdoms very life source, it was given to the king, many decades ago by Arithma, the kingdoms most worshiped goddess. And it helps bring life to the kingdom. So now, you must search for the thieves who stole it and return it to the kingdom, before its too late.

Characters: Any and all ponies are welcome. :smile

Rules: Standard RP rules. You can have as many characters as you want as long as you can play with them all.

Starting Point: You arriving at the castle, coming to join the search for the missing relic.
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