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Read the Thread Intro.

Every RP game thread has an Intro as its very first post, including rules on how to join, the plot, setting, background information you might need to review, and summaries.

Respect Invite-Only Threads.

It will state in the Intro whether or not you can participate in a thread. Some threads have limited space. Please respect these threads. You can still watch and read any RP thread if the story interests you.

Do not create new roleplays without first reading the rules on how to make them.

Create your own roleplays, but follow our guidelines. We are not liable for any information you lose if your thread has to be locked or deleted. Save copies of everything you plan to post.

Acknowledge and Follow Your RP Leaders.

The RP Leader is in charge of her game thread. She might post as different characters and this will move the story's action. Follow the story points as they are presented. This helps to keep the story on track. The RP leader will slow down or pick up the pace as she sees fit.

Use grammar and sentence structure to the best of your ability.

The RP is conducted in English. Please use capital letters where appropriate, correct punctuation and spelling, and limit chatspeak to parody only. We encourage tools like an online dictionary if it helps. Having said that, we need to show patience toward players with limitations, such as when playing through a second language. Please let the rp leader know if you have a barrier that they should be aware of. Otherwise please take your time to write well. We want to understand what you're saying.

You Control ONLY Your Own Character.

You cannot control other characters. Never write out the actions of someone else's character without her permission. "Hilda waved to Bob. Bob waved back." Instead say, "Hilda waved to Bob. She hoped Bob would wave back." This implies Bob's action, but does not say what he did. The other player can then decide, "Bob saw Hilda, but he did not wave, and only nodded." Same goes for attacks. "Hilda hit Bob." Instead try, "Hilda tried to hit Bob." The other player might respond, "Bob exhaled sharply as Hilda's attack hit hard." Having said that, feel free to give each other permission to pick up, throw, or control each other's characters, but only with permission.

Even if you are the leader, who has the authority to control characters, use good judgement and don't abuse this power. You should still be setting a good example of roleplay.

If another player is controlling your character in an inappropriate manner, first ask them to stop. Explain if they are confused, especially if they are new. If they do not stop, seek your RP leader.

Post length. Longer is Better than Shorter unless it's Way Too Long.

Refer to the Intro post of the roleplay you wish to join for specific direction regarding post length.

As a general guide it is preferred if players use a minimum of 3 full sentences for their posts and at least 2 full paragraphs most of the time. Then again, walls of text can be difficult to read. Try to keep your posts to under five paragraphs at a time and include spaces to help our eyes.

Don't know what to say? Wait for someone else to post with something you can respond to. Or ask yourself what can you see? What can you hear? Smell? Taste? Touch? What is going on around you? How does it make you feel? Take your time. There is no award for posting the most. Only for posting the best.

When first jumping into an existing RP:

Do not let a long thread prevent you from joining, most RP leaders will be happy to fold you into the group. If unsure, just PM them first. If you join a thread that is already several pages long, please read only the last few pages to catch up. Summaries are not always available on demand.

Be careful if using the same character in different threads. Most players use different characters in each thread to avoid confusion.

Learn How to Use the Nudge.

Sometimes when your character is interacting with another character, that character's player will drop off or disappear, leaving your character hanging. It is perfectly acceptable to continue without him. Just nudge him out of the way and keep going, catch up with each other later if you can. Two players can always decide how a scene resolves on their own once the missing player comes back.

Using OOC.

An "Out of Context" comment is one directed at the players, not the characters. If using OOC, keep all comments within brackets of some type to set them off from your RP text.

Player 1: {OOC: Hey, can I pick you up and throw you?}

Player 2: (OOC: Yeah, have at it.)

Player 3: [OOC: I'm headed out for pizza. Be back at 1:00.]

Unless the rp leader says otherwise, keep OOC comments to a minimum; use the Chat thread for leisurely chat.
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