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Hey everybody :smile
We've decided to post a new safety reminder here with some important information. Pony Island is generally a safe community, but like anything online, you need to take precautions to make sure you stay safe. Here are a few key points you should remember:

1. It's very easy to lie about your identity online
- Just because someone claims to be a 10 year old girl, doesn't mean they are!
- Even if you've been talking for months, you never know if a person is who they say they are.

2. Don't give out too much personal information
- Saying your age, real name, location, email address, or IM info on our forums can be risky. Please think before you post any of these things.
- Posting your school, last name, phone number, or address is downright dangerous. Posting these things on the forums is not allowed.
- Giving information like this can be even more risky through PM's, because we MOD's don't supervise that information. If someone makes you uncomfortable, asks for personal information, or is otherwise inappropriate, please don't hesitate to tell a MOD. Your safety is our #1 priority.

3. Never arrange to meet someone you've met online in person.
- If you're under 18, this just isn't a good idea. If you're over 18, never meet someone alone.
- If someone asks to meet you in person, tell them you are not interested. If they persist, please tell a MOD. Chances are, even if you're good at saying "no", that person might be trying to meet others who aren't as internet savvy!

4. PI forums are no more "anonymous" than anything else on the internet.
- You don't have to have an account to read PI's main forums. This means that anyone can see what you've written, not just other PI players.
- If you don't want everyone on the net to be able to see pictures you post, it might not be a good idea to use your picture as your avatar or post it on the main forums.

Remember: If you feel uncomfortable, unsafe, or just have a bad gut feeling, please PM a MOD! Even if everything turns out ok, it's better to be safe than sorry!

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If anyone has suggestions for additions to this reminder, please feel free to post them.

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Purchased Globey 10-5-08

Never tell anyone who you are related to, this could lead them back to you

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Purchased Globey 10-5-08

Never tell them what city you live in, where you hangout, who your friends are or where your parents work

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If you ever want to have no life and just sit in front of a laptop crying - university is for you!

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never give info on your RL buddies. I know its generally the same but you gotta keep your friends safe. Even if you have an argument.
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Dragons Smaug


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2014-03-27 7 HDapple..

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Whats wrong with saying your age?

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Purchased Globey 10-5-08

hhm how to put this. There are some people in this world who are way to interested in a certain age group rhese are usually much older men, so it is safer not to say your age

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=^.^= Meow!

Thanks for posting this!! About 10 years ago, when the internet was still new, I had a really bad experience online. Back then there was no legislation protecting people from this kind of thing. Even though there is legislation now, it's still wise to follow those suggestions. I think somewhere like ponyisland people feel safer because of the environment, but it's important to remember that (most) of the forums here are public, so you don't have to be a PI member to view them... and with trial accounts, you don't have to be a member to post.

Quote :

If someone asks to meet you in person, tell them you are not interested.

But... I wanted to meet you.... D:

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Quote :

Whats wrong with saying your age?

People pretty much will lie about their age.Some people don't show that they are 16 or older.It's better to keep it safe than saying the truth or lieing to try and meet that person.It's still dangerous to tell just in case :smile

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I suggest not posting pictures of yourself or using them as avatars.
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Well, I guess it covers up most of the part, but another thing might be..
Even if you're member of a very trustfull site, where everyone knows each other, and have met and so on. It's still dangerous to post personal information. If you type in the right information on a search-site, such as google, altavista or anything similiar, people can actually find the site, where your personal information is.

Besides that, I'm sure a hacker would enjoy knowing anything about you - 'cause there's a lot of people who uses passwords that are the same as birth-date, last name, pets name, city where they were born etc.

That's just a few things which people should know about...

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Thanks for Posting this!!.
Yay David Cook won American idol!. i love Joe jonas and nick Jonas i am a big Miley Cyrus fan.

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A man once said said "I don't know! Go ask a woman!" He was truly, the wisest of them all!

The Writer's Guild The Azuyan Project

This is really helpful for all those under the age of 18 who doesn't know no better. Thanks for posting this, Babystarz.

Also, a little suggestion:
Posting anything about your friends or family is also dangerous, it can lead them right to you. It's very simple to look up where you live, all they have to do is go and search your last name or your friend's last name, it'll give all information about who their parents are, where they live, and their phone number.

Just a little suggestion. :love

02-15 19:59



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Don't change me. (:

Sweet as Can Be WPAG The Azuyan Project Into the Woods The Writer's Guild WUA

Yesh, I was just about to say that fluffda. I couldnt have said it any better though. Also pm meh.

Jungle Wild- Get yours today. :)

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Snid's leaving soon! :[[

The Azuyan Project

If anyone makes the choice to post their FIRST NAME/age, don't mention it too much. :wink I've only mentioned my first name a couple of times, and I never shared my last name. :3

Also, just to put it out there; those threads when you use your full name to create different words/names are very fun, but other people can figure out your name very easily from that. :C So always be careful when you participate in those threads. :love

02-15 23:34



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It's too bad that didn't kill me.

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thank-you!People should never give out addresses,phone numbers,and like you said it is downright dangerous.

02-15 23:42

Hearts Collide


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If you do plan to meet a person, Make sure you've known them a good, long while.
But then I need your voice as a key to unlock all the love that's trapped in me.
-When It's Time by Green Day

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"Sometimes I lie awake at night, and I ask, 'Where have I gone wrong?' Then a voice says to me, 'This is going to take more than one night.'"

The Azuyan Project

Well, the other day i was thinking about if I had given up a little to much information to the PI community about myself. Indeed I have. I said the state, city, and what type of school I went to ((Examples: Private, Public, Catholic, Christian, Islamic, etc..)) so now I just googled my state, my town, and the type of school I went. And sure enough my School's website was the first one on the list. I now have edit my presentation so you only know that I live Georgia. Please be reminded, even saying stuff like if you have a uniform at your school, or some restrictions your school has could easily lead a person to you. For instance: If someone has read all of the PM's I have sent, received, and read all the Posts I have ever made they could find me in 3 seconds.... Even little things can let someone know where you are. it just dosen't have to be your name, your address, your phone number etc.... Also. I don't know about the rest of you, but I have seen people do this before. In a post someone said there friends real names. They were common, but If I just read some more posts by the person like that I'm sure I could of found out where they were. Saying where you are going for vacation for how long could also be very bad. And I also think, that you should not be in the posts where, they say post your name and I will translate it into----! Thats just as good as saying your real name out loud.

02-16 10:54



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99.9% of the time, I have no idea what I'm doing

WUA The Azuyan Project The Writer's Guild WPAG

I think don't put your name into your username, think fo something different, e.g if your name is Alex don't make your username Alex08, but if your name is Alex and you like dogs, you can put Doggy08 or something.

02-16 13:46



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SEND ME PG! *looks around nervously* What? Well, it was worth a try, wasn't it?

Great idea to make this post. I have done a few of the above, and have since regretted it completely. Since then, I've stopped, and had those posts of mine deleted.


02-16 16:41



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Into the Woods Very Boring Grownups The Pet Association The Writer's Guild

I want to add don't give out anything on the forums even if the person who posted acutely knows that thing.... anyone can see this forum, not just Pi users.

02-16 17:37



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PM me :D

The Azuyan Project Sweet as Can Be WPAG The Writer's Guild

I totally agree! I NEVER give pictures of myself, phone#, email adress, or my full name and adress. I've only gave my first name and my age. Is that ok?

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Jamster, the likelihood that someone could find you with only your first name and your age is low, especially if your name is common. The problem with giving out that information is that someone could use it to gain your trust (and maybe get you to give out more info without even realizing it), so remember to stay cautious even if someone is very friendly :smile

02-16 18:07

Hallowed Rose


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Caaaaarl that kills people!

The Writer's Guild

Great idea to post this. I have a couple little cousins on here and I think its good if they saw this. ^.^
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Yes. Thank you for posting this, babystarz. Even though I am 16, I still think about what I post online. For example, I live in Canada. Some *might* know my first name, but it is fairly common. And my age I just mentioned. I know that it is dangerous to give out too much personal info out, even on PI.

A suggestion: Trust your gut. If something generally doesn't feel right, it probably isn't most of the time. Listen to the little voice inside of you. :smile

02-17 14:02



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Looking for something?


Very Boring Grownups The Pet Association The Writer's Guild

Yes, i have very often fallen into the trap of forgetting everyone and anyone can view what you post on PI. It scares me a little at times >.< I've given out my age, most people know how old i am. However, i don't flaunt my name(s). Most people on PI know me as Poni (or the full sha-bang. lol), however a few people do know my real name after a guessing game (which took a few hours XD) on the forums. That is all i've ever given out, that and my gender haha. Which is sometimes, rather nessecary haha.

These 'people' are extremely clever, more clever than you would think. But clever in the wrong context. I watched a program recently, which scared myself and many family members and friends. It give detailed accounts of the plots of some men to meet young girls from the internet and how they carried it out. It was shocking how much information they gathered up simply by watching the girls' facebook pages and their friends' facebook profiles. Comments and such, meeting places, pictures. Even if the girl herself didn't post much about herself, her friends had pictures and locations so the 'people' managed to locate and abuse/scare these girls.

Shocking really.

02-17 22:33



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The Azuyan Project

Thanks, babystarz. ;D

02-17 23:44



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Ammy's main account for questing and pony sales.

If I'm online but haven't replied, I may be away from my computer.

Very Boring Grownups The Azuyan Project

The rule for the Internet is always the same: follow your gut. If something doesn't feel right, don't say it or do it, get a MOD or adult you trust to help. :smile

02-18 10:49



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Looking for something?


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I think maybe another point could be added:

If someone wants to get hold of you, and are determined to do so then they will search for the information. And it may not just be posted by yourself, they will combine what they know fromk other sites they have located you on. Sites such as Bebo, Facebook and other social networking sites. So if you give out maybe your age, name and location on PI that is enough to search you up on a Social networking site. If they then cross reference it, bingo. Just because you may have only posted your name and location on PI, maybe a picture or two, doesn't mean its not enough. They can depend on what your friends on PI or on social networking sites post. They look at pictures where you are with your friends, and idenitfy them as meeting places. They're a lot smarter than a lot of people let themselves think. Limit yourself to what you post. A picture or two on this site, my name and age on this site and my location on this site-thats enough for anyone to find you, even if they aren't a mastermind.

(That'd be a good point to add but maybe summarise XD)

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Snid's leaving soon! :[[

The Azuyan Project

Quote :

Trust your gut. If something generally doesn't feel right, it probably isn't most of the time. Listen to the little voice inside of you. :smile

That's right. Listen to that hollow feeling in your stomach. If it's there, you shouldn't give out that piece of info.

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