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Sweden - ADM

I sadly don't have time to answer all questions from players myself so I must ask you to use the ticket system for support questions.

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I can't believe that it's already 8 years ago since me and Z sat in our tiny little apartment, ready to release PonyIsland - with our nerves on the outside and our bellies so full butterflies and coffee it's amazing we managed to keep it down ^^ Little did we know we where about to experience what possibly would be the craziest week of our lives. :smile

So many wonderful things have happened since then, we've made wonderful friends for life from all over the globe, we've learned so much, made so many mistakes and basically grown up alongside PI. We're soon 27, PI is 8 and it's been major part of our lives for nearly 1/3 of it and I wouldn't trade one of those years for anything in the world and the reason is You. All our wonderful players who make working with PI every day such a pleasure, who make releasing new updates so much fun and totally make it worth all the sleepless nights and not having turned off our cellphones at any point for 8 years now worth it *lol*

The story of PI
Many of you oldbies have read this before, but I wanted to include it for our new users.
About eighth years ago, I wanted to play an online pony/horse breeding game and started to search for one, I ended up trying a bunch. While I was trying out one of them ZarqX saw me and wondered what on earth I was doing?! I told him that this was the best horse breeding game I could find so I played it, even though I was already bored with the badly done game. So ZarqX told me that if I stopped playing it right away, he would make me my very own, good pony breeding game and the very first sparks of what would become PonyIsland was born.

We started working on what we then called PonyLand, a pony sim where the ponies shouldn't just be products of one's imagination, but real images incorporated in the game and we immediately bumped into the first problem - how on earth would one make the ponies inherit their parents attributes such as color and looks? That wasn't something that ever had been done before. In all the other games out there, all colors of each kind of pet was pre-drawn by hand and that didn't ring well at all with my idea of my game, I wanted the ponies to be able to have all the colors of the rainbow, just like all the My Little Ponies that lived on my shelves did.

So ZarqX figured out a way to do that, and at that time he didn't know all he does today so then only the body of the pony could be any color and the body had no shading at all. The hair was a preset amount of colors. I also wanted the ponies to be able to have unique markings so Z found a way for me to upload my own graphics to the ponies graphics in game, what we later came to call "tattoos". We changed the name of the game before the release to PonyIsland to give us a unique name and feel.

Back then I drew all the ponies and with my very limited artistic skills they were very simple as can be seen at the PI History section of the Fanatic Fan Index created by Layla. I always enjoy taking a trip down memory lane on her site, it brings back so many amazing memories:

We decided to have a Pre-Launch at 2004-03-13 for 100 people from the MLPTP.com (My Little Pony Trading Post) for one week to make sure things worked the way they should and to fix any bugs that might appear. So at about 20:00 PI time we opened and at 00:54 all pre-launch posts where filled.
We had a wonderful, but at the same time, horrible week, we got lots of new friends, learned even more and realized that the poor server we had standing on our desk wouldn't last long and we also realized that a lot needed to be tweaked and fixed. We did hardly sleep at all during this week and at the time of the real launch our eyes where red and our poor relatives were getting seriously worried for our health. The little server named inDUSTrial (it's from him we got our company's name) fought bravely to cope with the massive load but restarted several times each hour. Luckily he did it so quickly that most of the time you players didn't notice, but everything went very slow, back then we had some serious lag. ^^

We made it through the Pre-launch and opened for public and even though a lot of people were hesitant at the thought of paying for our game most of the Pre-launchers stayed with us and I'm very happy and proud to say that many of them are still here or came back when PING was released.

We bought a new server, named DUZTY, that would prove to last for about a year. He was replaced by Sparkles and she moved PI out of our living room and down the street to a real server hall! Sparkles was our last owned PI server. Now days PI is hosted on multiple rented servers and have just moved from Texas to Chicago, US.

We worked hard on "Old PI" for a year and when we celebrated PIs first birthday we announced the plans for PING (PonyIsland- Next Generation) since we'd realized that if we where to continue to grow we needed a whole new game core to work with, so we redid the entire game. This as we'd learned so much during the year that had passed. The upcoming months our players expressed more and more dissatisfaction with the site in its current form, and we knew we'd done the right thing. We worked incredibly hard, what had taken us over a year the first time we did it, we had put a limit of 8 months to do this time. Even though we weren't completely finished we started beta testing PING, and that was awfully stressful as we started this before it was really done. We worked some more and released PING 2005-11-20. To our help with the new PI we had LunaCat who drew all the wonderful pony images and still does, thank you again Luna! You're truly fantastic!

And here we are today, over 13 million ponies have populated PonyIslands islands, we're bigger than ever and thousands of hours of fun with friends later. Our last big update was PONG (Pretty Outstanding New Graphics *lol*), our new layout which was released just before PI's 5th birthday to take PI to the next level. However, right now as you read this we're working hard behind the scenes with other, big PI updates and improvements which will make us the best we can possibly be.

And that's where we are today. But as you can see by our history something is always happening, more secrets are in the work behind the scenes as we speak. PI has always been a constantly moving, work in progress that's being updated as new technology becomes available and it always will be. New exciting stuff is soon to come! :happy

The celebration!
We'll be releasing updates and surprises throughout the day and night so keep your eyes peeled in the news section :smile

There's a lot of old favorites returning this year item wise, and there is of course CAKE :happy
The 8th Birthday Party Masks and super cool Battle Crowns have been handed out one to each account and a new forge recipe has been added.

We have some super tasty new snacks along with this years cake in the store:
img img img img img img

We also have some fun new wearable items available for the celebrations:
img img img

Special Thanks
We'd also like to direct some very special thank you's...
To LunaCat for all the beautiful pony images.
To The Paint Brush girls Akara, ChaosKirin, FluffyBubbleFish, Lunarstar, Mesukaru, Weretigress for their amazing and hard work bringing us all of PI's beautiful items and images.
To the Extravaganza Crew who works so hard all year around bringing festivities, contest and parties to PI.
To the POTW Committee who searches for and finds new stunning ponies for spotlighting each week.
To the Azuyan Council who brings Azuyan, the magical and ever changing world of PI to life for us.

And last, but absolutely not least the fantastic Mod Squad, our wonderful, ever so hard working Mods: Cythera, Diction, Faerielicious, Glorfindel, Hayte, Karasu, Ktrenal, Kyrislian, LNS, Loa, Momelena, Poohgirl, Rosie Apple, Silverheart, Sunneh, Unconventional, Ygraine

We can never thank you all enough for the amazing, outstanding job you do for us and PI! You're all worth your weight in gold and we could never do this without you! :love

To each and every one of our players we also wish to extend our sincerest thanks, everyone - thank you all for joining us in the adventure that is PonyIsland and for sharing it with us. Without you, PI wouldn't exist! Thank you for playing with us for another year and for what we hope, many years to come!

Much love from us two to you all!
VeeZ & ZarqX

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United States - USR

~* I snuggle ALL the ponies! XD *~        ..Note to self: "Flippermiff" aka "Flippermuff" (usachan's name for fin warmers! lol)

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YAYYY!! Happy Birthday! And thank you for all you've done to make PI such an amazingly wonderful and great place. :love
~* Auren_Glytterkat *~
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Rosie Apple


Ireland - MOD

MOD Status: Active - If I'm not online and you need help ASAP, please open a Support Ticket, which is found under Help -> Support :)

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Happy Birthday :D!! Congratulations on 8 fantastic years, here's to many more!
imgimg"In between the killing, your help is invaluable. ;)" - Krecik's views on me helping with contesting :XD

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Lithuania - USR

Avatar by the talented Akara. 
I'm Going on to my 7th year on PI. :)

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Happy 8th birthday PI! I look forward to spending many more birthdays with you all. :wink

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United States - USR

Tiger, tiger, burning bright. Tiger, tiger through the night. Wake  up early, rise and shine. Tiger, tiger, ready to fight. Avatar by Chasyn

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AWESOMESNAP! Black glowstick necklaces :XD

Happy birthday, PI!

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Luna and Mattlock


United States - USR

**still dunno what you're talkin' 'bout**

Sweet as Can Be WUA The Pet Association

Happy Birthday PI!

Thank you for the wonderful gifts!
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United States - USR

You don't think you're strong enough? You are! You are afraid? Don't be. You have all the weapons you need.... Now fight!

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Eeeeee! I cannot believe it has been eight years! :happy *Hugs V and Z* Thank you both for keeping up with this amazing website, it is one of my favorite things, and I am so happy to share the birthday every year with everyone. :love

I love the new masks, so so much! Aidan sports it so well! :love


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United States - USR

If I don't respond right away, I am either sub-hopping or away from the computer.

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Happy birthday PI!

V and Z you guys are just amazing. And so is everyone who is part of the crew that keeps PI going! Thank you for the wonderful site and all the fantastic gifts you give us!

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United States - USR

We are the Celery!  Down with the Zaeli!

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Annnnnd Sunneh locked my countdown thread. :XD I sooo called it!

Happy Birthday PI!
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South Africa - USR

[BP Available: 0] Babies due Sat 26th @ 4pm

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Yay! Happy 8th Birthday PI!

Much Thanks to V and Z for the wonderful site.

And extra thanks to the art team for the wonderful new items :love

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United States - USR

I'm just a rabbit with antlers..

The Writer's Guild

Oh my word that bow.. it's like someone read my mind.. *goes shopping* ;p

Happy 8th PI :smile

Zelani loves her new outfit :love


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United States - USR

I thought you might appreciate it if I gave you the impression I knew what was happening. We could panic of course, but where would that get us?

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Happy Birthday, PI! Thank you so much to everyone who works on this site to make it the wonderful place it is. :smile

Love the items, and can't wait to see what else is in store for today!

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United States - USR

Is a Genaholic XD

Thank you for creating this awesome site. You guys are all amazing.
imgimgimg11 from pure black DCS Mountain Boy for LA
Click to help them hatch and grow. :smile

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Hotaru13 Quest #1


United States - USR

Retired female breeders for questing...8/10/14

happy happy birthday PI!!!!!
You would think I would remember that Hotaru13 is sub-hopping...now wouldn't you??? >.< send me back to Hotaru13img

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United States - USR

Main account. Bean & other favorites reside here.

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Happy Birthday PI!

Thank you guys so much for bringing us a wonderful site!!!

03-13 00:17

La La


United States - USR

Lasagna is just spaghetti flavored cake!

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I just want to say, Thank you all! All of you guys that have worked so hard to make this site what it is, you guys deserve all of our thanks!

Also, Happy 8th Birthday PI! :smile

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United States - USR

Never show your hand.

The Azuyan Project Very Boring Grownups

Happy birthday PI!

Oh my gosh. Black glowstick necklace, black scarf/ribbon thing, and white ribbon with black and red beads? Loving this theme! :love Thank you so much!

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United States - USR

Working on Commission stuff!

The Pet Association Into the Woods Very Boring Grownups The Azuyan Project WPAG

Happy Birthday PI!!!

Thank you for the wonderful site and the wonderful ponies and the items, and everything! :smile

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United Kingdom - USR

... :O

The Azuyan Project Into the Woods The Writer's Guild Triple Visible - TV Doldrums Initiative

Happy 8th Birthday PI! :love

P.S. I'm in love with that ribbon! Thank you!

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United Kingdom - USR

No longer active.

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Happy Birthday! And a huge thank YOU to V and Z for your continued admin skills :). I don't know how you manage everything you both do.

03-13 00:18

GEM Couture


United States - USR

Member of many fandoms, employed painter, self-taught makeup artist, big dreamer.

The Azuyan Project The Writer's Guild Sweet as Can Be

Thank you so much for the incredible website and all the fun its brought me - both three years ago, and today. :smile

03-13 00:18



Canada - USR

The Azuyan Project Very Boring Grownups

Yay! Happy 8th birthday PI! I've been eagerly awaiting this day and plan to hardly leave the computer for the next 24 hours. Except I might have to sleep at some point.

Huge thanks to V and Z for starting up this lovely addicting game and to all the others that make it so special!

I'm off to buy cake!
imgimgimgI sell BP for USD

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Canada - USR

Formerly 'Ranmaru'. And formerly 'Mier'. 

I missed being Ran. ;_;

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Happy birthday, PI!

And thank you so much, V and Z, for all the hard work you put in to this awesome site! :love
img imgimgimg img

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United States - USR

The only thing that makes sense in a sensless world is nonsense.

The Azuyan Project

Squeee!!! Happy Birthday PI!!!!!

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United States - USR

10-22 | 18:00:00 | No Contesting QUAD PROJECT BABYS

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Happy birthday Ponyisland!

The mask's look awesome, I can't wait to put them on all my pony's. Can't wait to figure out what the new forge item is!

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United States - USR


The Pet Association Very Boring Grownups WUA The Azuyan Project Extravaganza

My jaw litterally dropped to the floor with the new battle crown! :surprised


Thank you so much for these amazing items. PI's art team rocks. :love

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United States - USR

"It's only weird if it doesn't work."

The Azuyan Project The Pet Association The Writer's Guild Very Boring Grownups

Happy Birthday, PI! ^_^

I am SO excited about these masks--now my girl Ace of Spades finally has her black mask! :love

And I just spent 400K on stuff from the store. :tongue

A heartfelt thank you to everyone involved, both now and later! :love

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United States - POTW

Layla - the very happy doggie!!
.... (110)
(2014-04-19 20:27) PIFF 2013-05-18

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back atcha VeeZ and ZarqX ..

this site has made my life better - cause when the real world is crap - I can come here and play with ponies!!

and ... there's no poop to clean up


Happy Birthday!!!

Thank you for all the wonderful gifts and new stuffs ...

*sits in the mist of new stuffs and throws it all up like confetti ... then gets bonked on the head*

I doesn't care if I have a bump on the head ... it's worth it to be here and celebrate!!

03-13 00:23



United States - USR

We are the Celery!  Down with the Zaeli!

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This is soooo my color scheme. :XD

img img
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Brunei Darussalam - MOD

MOD status: But, where's the coffee gone?

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Happy happy birthday~!! :love
imgimg img

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