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05-16 12:22

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I've read through the whole thread and never did find anywhere where it said we could not use regional slang... not sure where anyone got that from?

After all, y'all and folks are certainly in the dictionary.

05-16 14:19



United States - USR

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I hope that I will be able to continue to speak the way I always have. This includes *huggling* people, using my ^.^ face, and saying things like "ebil" if I feel so inclined. I have never had a problem with any member on PI understanding the things I say.

Of course, I would stay away from words such as these in transactional threads (pony auctions/sales, non pony trade) but I do not feel that it's beneficial to the community of PI that we remove every bit of flare there is in the way we type.

"Bunneh" is not chatspeak, it is a clear representation of the way someone says something. I say "bunneh" in real life. It's legible, it doesn't cause a reader any additional strain. It is slang, at very worst.

I appreciate the well put together and well spoken community of PI, but I believe this is taking it a bit too far.

Words ending in "eh" are not chatspeak. "meh" in the context in which I use it is an onomatopoeia, and they are commonly used in both American and European english literature.

Have there been complaints about people ending words with "eh" recently or something ?

05-16 19:43



United States - USR

I only read to the "Eh" part of your title, I thought you were talking about how some canadain people say "Nice day, eh?", like myself (Though it says USA, I'm part Canadian).
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