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03-13 10:41



United States - USR

Next batch of babies born on April 15th! (231)

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Happy Birthday PI!!!

I swear this place is my 2nd home, to thrilled to be celebrating another year of great times with all you lovely peoples.. my 2nd family :hug

Im really in love with these items as well. My fav has to be the Battle Crown. I love all the different looks on each breed!

I especially adore it on my fairy lady Kajou, she is sooo hard to dress, but the Crown suits her wonderfully!!

Now, I could spend all day showing all my prettys in their new garb,.... but Ill leave it with her :love

A huge thank you to everyone who has a hand in making PI this magical place we all love so much!!!!


03-13 10:43



United Kingdom - USR

Doldrums Initiative

Happy Birthday :love Thanks everyone for all the lovely gear :happy

03-13 10:48



Romania - USR

My time is PI time 3h. I sell BP: 100to600BP=$3/lot. 700=$20. 800=$22. 900=$24. 1000BP> =$2.5/100bp.Available BP: 400=$12

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Oh Babsy! Your fairy has such special, lovely colours, she's really unique! I love her!

Of course I have spent all the time here dressing up ponies in the new items, that is about 2 hours :XD .I have a passion for items that change with the breed/gender. Like the patchwork cloaks, the party masks and now the crowns! I can't get enough of thanking you for them!!

I have a new goal! To buy one crown for each breed of pony and for each gender! First for each breed since they are expensive, being so rare :D. After I get one for each breed I'll go for each gender. It's good for now since I don't yet have ponies who would be wearing any, I must get suitable ones for the crowns but this is my new goal! I had the same goal with the first party masks and the patchwork cloaks :XD .I did the cloaks but not yet the party masks because yet again, I don't yet have suitable ponies for now :happy

and because I can't help it...here are Ra and Kalahari showing the crown, I promise I'll stop with these (hopefully). I am just too excited!!!


03-13 10:54



Germany - USR


Happy Bday PI!!!!

03-13 11:03



United States - USR

Next batch of babies born on April 15th! (231)

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Quote Shany:

Oh Babsy! Your fairy has such special, lovely colours, she's really unique! I love her!

D'awhhh *blushes along with Kajou*

Thankies much!!~ You boys are quite handsome as well Shany <333

03-13 11:09



Netherlands - USR

sometimes i just dont get it....

Very Boring Grownups The Pet Association

I loved the items. There great, but.....
Do we get more ?? like contest or anything...
Sorry if this question is stupid

03-13 11:18



United Kingdom - MOD


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Happy birthday PI! :happy :D :happy :D

03-13 11:24



United States - USR

Mione's Home to Gorgeous Mixies ^^

Happy birthday PI and many more to come! <33

I pulled out my Blazewright to show off some new items ^^

img img

03-13 12:12



United States - USR

Swallow the knife; carve the way for your pride.

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So I'm at school on my Art teqachers computer and my friends are tottally making fun of me right now. x')
img img img img img

03-13 14:03

Malovane Dawaki


United States - USR

Our survival depends on bold, decisive, visionary leadership.  

So basically, we're all screwed.

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The only bad thing is that I'm ridiculously busy today. I've got two music lessons, swim practice, and a concert to see tonight. Which means I'll be leaving by 19:00-20:00 PI time and be unable to to see what happens! At least I'll have my phone and think the YMCA has wifi (at least in the lobby) so I may be able to check before I leave. I'm glad I got up insanely early today!

03-13 15:43



United States - USR

Dragons are nearly unstoppable, and in case you didn't know, they can breathe fire. 93% of people won't copy and paste this, because they have already

The Azuyan Project

Congrats V and Z on another wonderful year. I hope for many more in the future. To the MODS, thank you for your untiring help and devotion to this virtual world that brings so much help (and frustration, thanks Mr. Gen) to so many thousands.

03-13 16:16

Diamond Mom


United States - USR

Happy Birthday PI! Thankyou V and Z and everyone who worked to make this another special birthday.

03-13 16:52



Germany - USR

Purity has fallen under a dark, heavy blanket of darkness. She who stands before you is the puriest sence of evil and I like to keep it that way.

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Happy 8th Birthday Pony Island!
These new items are AMaZING!!
What would we do without our PI to bring us so much joy!

03-13 21:24



United States - USR

Flattery don't charge these batteries, civilian.

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I am loving these new body scarves/sashes. Must buy more. >:3

img img img

03-14 00:40



United States - USR

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Happy birthday PI! I've been playing since near the beginning of PING (I joined the end of 2005), and have enjoyed every minute of it.

The masks and the crowns are especially amazing. Can't wait to play around with the masks and I already have a number of ponies trying to claim my few crowns...

Quote Layla:

this site has made my life better - cause when the real world is crap - I can come here and play with ponies!!

and ... there's no poop to clean up


That's the best part, lol

Quote springacres:

And HOLY WOW does the mask look AWESOME on Party Girl!

It looks like it was made for her! The flower like part on it looks like it is a part of her :smile

03-14 15:20



United States - USR

When you leave, my colours turn to gray. Hey little lover stay, or all my colours fade away. Every word I used to say, now I paint it every day.

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Ok, so... I love you all, more than ever, right now! I love having my birthday the same week as Pi. I get to pretend its all for me. Lol :XD

Ive been wishing for larger enclosures and island redraws for soooooooo long!!! And everything is lovely! I gotta go hop on the desktop to actually play with everything :happy

Not to mention the new gene is fabulous!!!

THANK YOU ALL, SO MUCH!This is one of the best Pi birthdays ive seen, if not the best!

03-14 20:26



United States - USR

See my name light up?, I tend to leave my computer on so it doesn't mean I'm on PI playing.

Triple Visible - TV PIMLPs The Azuyan Project

First time for me to read this being a newer player. Glad to be a part of PI.

03-15 09:35

Lisa Faye


United States - USR

Domino, buddy. It's been three years since you were taken from our little kitty family. Miss you and love you, buddy. My rusty purr kitty. :(

WPAG Very Boring Grownups

Violet Sheen said to thank you for the wonderful birthday items. She looks smashing as always. :smile


03-18 15:22



Switzerland - USR

Happy Birthday PI!!! And thanks for all the gifts and the amazing new features :smile :love


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