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I am a male player, and an adult.  Please limit the type of correspondence accordingly.

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I have to agree with Doomspark. This rule has been in effect for a week now, and this is the first I've heard of it. I'd hate to think that I would get banned because a rule changed and the general populace wasn't properly informed.

And, just to play devil's advocate, while this is a thread about chat-speak, the grammar police in the thread need to dial it down, please. Some of the responses in this thread have bordered strongly on rude. I don't like chat speak or lazy English any more than anyone else, but I would never criticize a specific person in a public venue the way some have. :smile

Just my two cents.

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Atrévase a soñar


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My username is spanish for Dare to Dream

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Quote :

That's considered chatspeak? I didn't know. That's just how I talk sometimes...

Same. I love the word "teh" but if it is chatspeak, its chatspeak. is "Luffs" Still allowed. as in, "I luffs that pony?"
"Why did she fail?" "Beacuse she wore a tutu and danced with a panda." <--Don't ask. XD l Hey! PM me if you wanna. I like makin' new friends! ;O -Yawn-

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Posting in agreement with Doomspark and Dusti. With Doomspark because had I not been linked here by a friend, I would have never known. I do not visit this forum.

With Dusti because I agree that stuff is slang, not chatspeak. And there is a difference. Not that the slang is any less annoying when used abundantly, but I don't consider it chatspeak, which is shortening words as much as possible. So I think the rule should then be changed to say no chatspeak or slang. Although I will say that can get confusing, as more "slang" words are being added to the dictionary all the time. I vividly remember the year that curse words were added. You never know, one day "ebil" and "kitteh" could be in there too.
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Quote :

The word 'language' isn't a proper noun. No need for capitalization. Don't start a sentence with and. If you were in high school LEARNING German you should know better how 'danke' is spelled than I do, I just learned it through osmosis. Even though I dropped out of Spanish I can still spell in it.. x_x

Wow - I think you should just let it go. It's a forum on a children's site. You're not going to get perfection, and no one's post is harder to understand when a sentence starts with "and".

Also, if you're out of high school for that many years (I'm just about 5 out of high school) yeah, you do forget alot. I took two years of Spanish, I can't even say a sentence in Spanish now. There's really no reason to be correcting anyone here. If there's a real issue with the way someone is "talking" than a MOD will take care of it.

I do agree with Doomspark. I occassionally end words with "eh" and use "ebil". :XD I rarely come into the friends forum anymore, so there's a chance that I might not have known to discontinue use of it here in PI.

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My username is spanish for Dare to Dream

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I agree with rainbow. not evreything has to be perfect. Please let little things like that go.
"Why did she fail?" "Beacuse she wore a tutu and danced with a panda." <--Don't ask. XD l Hey! PM me if you wanna. I like makin' new friends! ;O -Yawn-

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The thing is, some of these words have arisen from typos that turned out to be amusing. I've lost count how many times I've accidentally typed "teh" instead of "the." And, honestly, I have accidentally typed "ebil" instead of "evil" considering the B and V keys are next to each other. If I typo something and don't go back and fix it, is that considered "chat speak" or "slang" and I'll get a warning/ban for it?

As for the "eh" words. I don't see them as slang. I don't see them as chat speak. I see them as misspellings. What if someone types "ponie"? Or "poneys"? Those, too are difficult to read if you're a non native English speaker, but they're legitimate typos. (Let's not get in to the multiple manglings of "Phoenix" and "Valkyrie") What about the shortenings of those names? Nixie, Valkie.. Or even Earthie for the Earth ponies.

Just some thoughts.
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I have to agree with everyone say that this post should have been make in the news forums, I never come into this part of the site and had I not been linked to it by a friend I would have never had know that this post was even here.

Thought personally I always used ebil to compare then to Ebilfall, who is in my mind is evil but in a good way.

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I very much agree with Doomspark, at the moment I'm rather taking a break from PI by only logging in once a week or so, and only checking the VGBA, if I haven't done so I wouldn't known about this 'rule update' untill I walked against a well.

Perhaps the Moderators should be given the 'powers' to be able to sent global PMs (all of PI) about these things?

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Quote :

Thought personally I always used ebil to compare then to Ebilfall, who is in my mind is evil but in a good way.

Heheh ditto Nova, but apparently if a username is Ebilfall we can still use Ebil to refer to her (similarly if it was a pony's name), that's if I understand the new 'rules' correctly.

I also agree this announcement ought to be put in News if it's to alert the general site users because a lot of folk don't come into the Friend's forum.

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Technically, that is not chatspeak. It's a form of slang - and if you don't agree with me I'm happy to have my friend who's doing her masters in linguistics at UVA come post. Chatspeak is meant to make words shorter to reduce typing time - using "4" instead of "four" or "for;" using "u" instead of "you." Chatspeak really bothers me. This, however, is more a dialect, a sort of vernacular.

I am assuming that because it is not "proper" English, typing in any sort of accent is unacceptable.
OK: "Oh my, friend! What do you plan to do about that?"
NOT OK: "Oi mate! Wot you plan to do bout that?"
OK: "You should all know better than to do that."
NOT OK: "Y'all outta know betta than ta do that."

Good to know that my roleplay characters can no longer have accents or speech impediments. I will file that away for future reference.

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Quote :

Quote :

I didn't know this, thanks for making this post :smile

Neither did I untill recently, one of my posts get deleted for saying "nuu" instead of "noo" which I had never seen a User be pulled up for before. But it makes perfect snese (ETA: Snese? -rofl- I must keep that in for comedy's sake, but it should say 'sense') (the rule, not 'nuu' XD) and so I suppose these go along with it. I am a hater of Chatspeak and was distraught to find I had been using it completely oblivious to its true self.

T'was a naughty chat speak term masquerading as a real word! *sulk* ;D

Honestly, I find this insulting and culturally insensitive. "Nu" is a synonym for no in every Jewish community I have visited anywhere in the United States and I was under the impression is IS proper English. So I am highly insulted that because of my cultural upbringing a word that I was under the impression is part of the English language (and does not, by the way, irritate my spell check) my posts might be deleted.

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Just your friendly, neighborhood Shlee ^_^

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This is not chatspeak. I'm sorry. I agree with everyone else here that chatspeak is a shortening of words, which absolutely irks me.

I understand wanting to make things easy for non-native English speakers. However, what we're using is not "chat speak". It's an internet vernacular or lingo. These are words accepted in a community of people with a common understanding (for most of them) which are used regularly.

It's like when you are a computer programmer or a doctor; there are a lot of words and phrases that may not fall under the proper English category, but you and your peers understand because it is something that as a community you all came to agree upon the meanings and connotations of, and can use them fluently.

Or gamers. Things like lawl, rofflewaffles, noob, etc. Those are not "proper English" by far, but everyone knows what they stand for, their connotations and when to use them or not. (And yes, I realize I use fractions and start sentences with or, and, etc.)

This -does- pose a problem for people who RP with accents or with speech impediments and the like. It also poses a problem of being definitive about which words are acceptable and which aren't.

If you haven't read the last two-three pages (depending on your settings) of posts by people, you'll realize that we all use a lot of words that are not considered proper English when we talk to other users on PI. Why, you ask? Because we have come to, as a community, accept many of these words and we incorporate them into our Pony Island vocabulary/lingo.

And while I agree that putting -eh on the ends of words to replace a y can be fairly annoying, I don't really see the problem with it. It helps give a 'sound' to your text, letting you read emotions through text a bit more easily, offering what is said a more light-hearted feel. And as someone mentioned earlier, there are plenty of people who misspell words without even knowing, such as ebil/evil and poneys/ponys rather than ponies. Will they also be getting in trouble because of a broadening of an enforced rule?

While the sentiment is fine, I think your definition of chat speak is skewed, and I think that in order to enforce this and to have users completely understand and follow this rule, a listing of all the unacceptable words needs to be made in the News forum, stickied, so that people can reference it if they need to.

Also, Marlo, you need to take a chill pill. While I dislike mangling of the English language, people do have their own writing styles and individuality, such as starting sentences with and/or/etc., or writing in fragments. I do those things because a period indicates an end and a pause, and gives more definition to my posts, giving people a better chance to read them as I would speak them.

There's no need for calling people out individually or being beyond rude to people. Kindly say "I don't believe that's how you spell that word, it's actually blah blah blah" is a much better approach than "Oh my gosh, YOU CANNOT SPELL. You're such a dolt, it's really blah blah blah". There's no need to be rude or inflammatory.

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And what about pony names? Because Indie, who is a MOD herself, recently made me a pony named "Dreem Poni" whom I absolutely adore....

EDIT: evidently when I was reading I somehow missed that pony names and user names are exempt. But while I'm here I'd like to know why LOL, OMG, etc. are still allowed when they are the very embodiment of chatspeak?

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What about PI specific chatspeak such as DVSO, SO, SB, BIN, ZZ, Avvie and so on and so forth? I don't know how many times I've seen posts scroll across my ticker asking what these mean. Heck, barring the ones I've listed, I'm not even sure what some of them mean.
Expanding on "meh", I use it as a sound word, like "gurgh" or "urk" as a way to convey indifference and displeasure respectively. And what of the much beloved "squee" as an expression of joy or excitement? They aren't really chatspeak...and according to my spell-checker, "chatspeak" isn't a word either... -confusion-

On a side note, as many have already stated, I'd have never known about this thread if I hadn't been linked by a friend. Thanks.

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<3 I am a panda who loves a raccoon .

The Azuyan Project Very Boring Grownups

I talk like this quite often, and usually in limited amounts . Is this just for the friends forum, or does this stand accross PI ?

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Quote :

As this is indeed a clarification of the rules, then I respectfully request that the manual be updated to reflect it, and a PM be sent to all users. I would not have known about it had someone not linked it to me.

It is unreasonable to expect that a pinned thread in a single forum constitutes sufficient notice of a bannable offense.

I have said this on multiple occasions myself (in regards to different rule-altering situations), and I agree completely.

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Stop by and say hello!

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And just so PI is clear on what constitutes SE or Standard English:

Quote :

Standard English is that set of grammatical and lexical forms which is typically used in speech and writing by educated native speakers. It includes the use of colloquial and slang vocabulary, as well as swear words and taboo expressions. (Professor Peter Trudgill, sociolinguist)

And if PI is going to ban chatspeak, it should also ban LOL and all that mess. Chatspeak, I agree, is not included in SE, as it is internet and texting shorthand.
Woot woot!

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Now a sub of Cowboysdreamo1. I hope to carry the torch half as well as Vivi did!

I suppose this question was not here yet: Is chatspeak/slang allowed in PMs?
I mean, I absolutely don't mind some funny words from people I know and like. These are sweet, keep them coming. But I expect common courtesy in PMs from total strangers, no matter what is their age or knowledge of English.
Now a sub of CowboysDreamo1, Vivi has left PI :sad I hope to carry the torch half as well as she did. img

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Perhaps someone has already mentioned this, but why is this in the friends forum? <.<

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Quote :

Party Saturday, Anyone?


So, 'Lol' and 'OMG' are out?

I would have never though 'ish' and such as chatspeak. *sniffles* I am gunna (is that okay?) miss them v.v'
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Maggie Murder


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I agree with Shlee.
I think over doing it is quite ridiculous, like saying "ish vereh silleh to be ebil"
It drives me a little insane. But once in a while, like saying "aw thanks for the awesome pony! I wuv yew!"
It gives it personality, not chatspeak. When talking to people, you canthear the sentiment behind it.
If a friend asks if you want a pony, and you say "No. I dont really like that breed."
It sounds rude.
Now if you were to say "Naw, I dont really like that breed.."
it sounds a little less cruel.
And Im a big user of the non-words "naw", "wuv", "tanks", "duhh", and tons others. Its not really chatspeak, more like typing how you talk. Its like saying haha is chatspeak. Well, its not a word, so it has to be!
As for the people who wouldnt understand these words.... What are they doing on PI?
And since these words have been used so much around PI, you'd think that the not-enlish-fluent people would know what people mean by them now? And if not, cant they just ask?

And also, this is the first I've heard of this as well. I was linked from VBG. What about the people who dont post in Friends?
This needs to be PMed.

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51 TVSOO Sets.

Hm, does "dunno" fall under this category?
The reason why I ask, is because my Internet browser has a built in spell checker, and while it says it is a correct spelling of a 'word,' it technically is a mix between Don't and know.

Just checking in case I am in the wrong. :smile

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Holy mess of words.
I'm going to have to agree with a few different people. While I agree about making things sound "cute" is not chatspeak, I do find it very annoying sometimes. I think what is trying to be enforced is less cute-speak. I see users posting whole posts with that kind of dialect. As I've observed on my time here, some little bits are allowed in moderation. Of course this being if one is joking around or just being funny. It's generally the users who don't understand the importance of proper grammar and spelling that get in trouble. I think maybe a punishment would be reasonable for those who are constantly speaking as such, but those who only do on occasion shouldn't have to deal with bans.
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05-08 01:45

USR Deleted



Okay, thanks Babystarz!

But, am I allowed to say "Nya"? Nya is my word to replace a swear word.
Example- Oh, nya! That hurt!

05-08 01:48



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Doldrums Initiative Very Boring Grownups WPAG The Azuyan Project

Quote :

EDIT: evidently when I was reading I somehow missed that pony names and user names are exempt. But while I'm here I'd like to know why LOL, OMG, etc. are still allowed when they are the very embodiment of chatspeak?

That is because they are not chatspeak, but acronyms. Banning acronyms would be the most insane thing the administrators could do. I know that I have to use three of them to even access this site: Hypertext Transfer Protocol (http), World Wide Web (www), and Hypertext Preprocessor (php). How many people use an ATM or turn on a TV everyday? Without acronyms, would you be able to fit "Selling several PonyIsland Limited Lines Starter Offsprings" in the title space? While you may find them to be highly annoying, removing them from this site would cause far more harm than good.
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Back (again) after (another) long hiatus.

The Pet Association Very Boring Grownups The Azuyan Project The Writer's Guild

I always thought those things weren't chatspeak. More like slang. I can understand some of them being allowed, I'm just wondering where we'll draw the line? Are things like "dunno" and "naw" (as some people mentioned) going to be added to these lists? Because they really do fall under the same category, IMO. I think they're being used more to convey emotion/tone of voice rather than to try to shorten words as much as possible.

05-08 02:03

Kitty 13


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Under construction....

To be honest I don't see why this is considered chatspeak. Ok people use it to sound cute or funny but out of all the chatspeak that is used everyday on this site this is the least annoying. I don't mind it and I don't see it as chatspeak. People use it in everyday conversations. I haven't met anyone that walks around saying anything more than "lol" or "omg" every once in a while. I just don't see the point in adding "eh" to the chatspeak list when chatspeak is still constantly used on this site even though it's against the rules.

And Marlo even though I agree with what you have said about speaking and writing and whatnot you came off more than rude and also hypocritical. To say that someone that isn't a native English speaker can get away with misspelling English words and that someone who is a native English speaker can't get away with misspelling words that aren't English is a load. And just so you know you can start sentences with "and."

05-08 02:16

A Perfect Circle


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Is tater tots slang? I heard somewhere that it was, though if it is it makes no sense.
Dusti gifted this account to her niece. ^_^ I may still post here by accident once in a while, though. :XD

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It's amazing what you can hide by putting on a smile.

WUA Very Boring Grownups

Thank you for the post update.. My only irk is that I constintaly use "ya'll" So I have to remember not to use that. Also MOD, ADMIN, and TRI.. By what I am reading they would also be included in this.

Also I do agree that a updated manual and a detailed rules area would be a great thing. Alot of users are most likely left in the dark due to not really looking in the friends or discussion forums. And the manual, I feel, needs a good updating of information. Oh, and one last thing ( I promise ) Having a detailed rules area would be great to inform all users as to what is bannable and what is okay. Some people get confused on if something is okay to post or not.

05-08 03:22



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I check PMs on my phone.  Just because I logged in or read your PM doesn't mean I can respond right away.

Very Boring Grownups Into the Woods The Azuyan Project PIMLPs

Honestly, I think this is overkill. I think it's a bit unreasonable to expect language on the level of a formal writing assignment for school on this type of message board. I haven't seen anything official that this is a bannable offense and I hope that's not true because I think that it would be completely unreasonable to ban someone for breaking a rule that is a) not the norm for most messge boards and that is b) only posted on the Friends forum.

There is facilitating communication between people with different backgrounds and then there is going so far overboard that you kill the enjoyment of the message board and the game in general. Formal writing assignments for school aren't on my list of things that I do for fun and if I am expected to post on that level for these message boards I believe I will spend my time elsewhere.

I would argue that strict enforcement of these rules are counterproductive to the goal of facilitating communication. I am not sure that the rules we have really facilitate communication when the result is to give us a checklist that we first have to find among almost 30 forums and then go through every time we post; resulting in bannings and deletions when we miss something. How do forum bans and post deletions to the point where no one wants to post anything facilitate communication? I am all for clean forums without a lot of chatspeak but I think the rules have gotten to the point where posting isn't worth the effort.


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