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03-13 21:39



Canada - USR

Very Boring Grownups The Azuyan Project

This is so pretty! I'll be playing around with this one on other breeds now! Thank you for all the birthday gifts and for all that you do for us year round. I'll definitely be here next year!
imgimgimgI sell BP for USD

03-13 21:39



United States - USR

Under new management

Me and my sister love ponies

03-13 21:39



Romania - USR

My time is PI time 3h. I sell BP: 100to600BP=$3/lot. 700=$20. 800=$22. 900=$24. 1000BP> =$2.5/100bp.Available BP: 400=$12

The Pet Association The Azuyan Project Sweet as Can Be Very Boring Grownups Into the Woods WUA WPAG

Quote :

We realize there hasn't been as many releases as recent years

It's quality over quantity with me, always and the items you guys gave us in the past years, the advent calendar, so many s-genes and these new enclosures are true gems! Who cares we didn't get 'as many'?! We got brilliant stuff and in my opinion, we get loads, I spend around 600k-1mill pg each festival, each item release and it so happens that I know you guys gave us loads and loads of items! The advent items topped the ones from last year, if it's even possible and just look at the crowns and the masks, beautiful quality and creative flair! I say you guys rock and you have already given us plenty!

I honestly feel like you are bent on spoiling us rotten and I love everything you throw at us. The collection sets are so cute, so neat and it brings a new dimension to the game since people will really start doing impossible quests, not to mention how these enclosures brought a new dimension as well, not to mention we have so many styles of items now and the breed specific genes are simply marvellous, I myself am breeding more to try and get water ponies with the monarch, fawn, zebra and clown-fish, I used to almost never breed ponies so there! So much to do on PI! I am beyond please and beyond grateful! Thank you so much!

I absolutely love the gene, it's cute and interesting! Thank you a million times! You truly made me feel happy and excited today, all day long I kept glueing myself to the screen to play with the new items, design enclosures and try to find names for them! I spent more than 6 hours in front of the screen. Normally I go about my business and leave PI open, contest every hour for about 12 hours and I manage to do what I need to do. Today I have not done anything else than feed my pets, shower, do my Brazil fitness and eat. That's all, oh and I vacuumed and washed the dishes. Usually I also cook, clean, wash stuff, take my pets out and so on but today was the laziest day ever :XD and the most exciting!

So yeah, for me it is enough that you gave me an exciting day where I felt like I was floating around in a bubble of joy. I don't know about the others but a smile on a face is worth a lot! Especially these days.

03-13 21:40



United States - USR

Main account. Bean & other favorites reside here.

The Writer's Guild The Pet Association Very Boring Grownups Into the Woods WPAG The Azuyan Project

EEE, I love my new pair!!


03-13 21:40



United Kingdom - MOD


The Ice Cream Shop Breeding Mavens Cotton Candy Cart The Pet Association Very Boring Grownups The Azuyan Project

I am so absolutely totally in love with this Gene its ridiculous!

Happy birthday PI and thank you to all the wonderful artists :love


03-13 21:42



United Kingdom - USR

getting my life in order

WUA The Azuyan Project WPAG


I can't wait to see this on all breeds and with other s-genes <33

Not the best first gen x3;
Aaw *petpet*

My -favourite- boyo. Pcolourized, but still so natural and gorgeous!
Shortly leaving PI for a while. PM me with any dead pony offers, USD only.

03-13 21:42



Sweden - ADM

I sadly don't have time to answer all questions from players myself so I must ask you to use the ticket system for support questions.

Sweet as Can Be The Azuyan Project POTW The Paint Brush Doldrums Initiative Cotton Candy Cart Very Boring Grownups Manual Committee Extravaganza GMA The Ice Cream Shop

It's been added to the search and test breeding gadget now :smile

03-13 21:43



United Kingdom - USR

Ear infection = lots of sleep and lost quest time XP

The Writer's Guild The Azuyan Project Ferox Doldrums Initiative Into the Woods The Pet Association

Made my "Alive Male" to go will all my females
He came out smashing first try ^^
the Tb's look great

03-13 21:43

The Silver Raven


United Kingdom - USR


So this fits perfectly with somethingi had planned. I was hoping to make pigeon themed ponies, and expected to use wus and monarch, but this is so much prettier.

03-13 21:43



Germany - USR


which bp lvl is needed to gen this zebrafinch?

03-13 21:43



United States - USR

Very Boring Grownups Into the Woods The Pet Association The Azuyan Project

Love the new sgene! Just made a pair of DCS and this is one of their test breeds!


imgimgimgimgimgimg img

03-13 21:45



United Kingdom - USR

... :O

Into the Woods The Azuyan Project The Writer's Guild Triple Visible - TV Doldrums Initiative

It looks cute I can't wait to see it on all the other breeds.

Thank you so much, it's been a great birthday with wonderful gifts! :love

03-13 21:46

Rosie Apple


Ireland - MOD

MOD Status: Active - If I'm not online and you need help ASAP, please open a Support Ticket, which is found under Help -> Support :)

The Writer's Guild Cotton Candy Cart GMA PIMLPs Ferox WPAG Breeding Mavens The Azuyan Project Very Boring Grownups The Ice Cream Shop

This is an amazing sgene and has totally made me fall in love with Pegs!

Thank you so much to the artists for working so hard and bringing us some fabulous treats today :happy

Thank you V & Z for a wonderful day and all the amazing surprises, totally worth taking the day off work :XD
imgimg"In between the killing, your help is invaluable. ;)" - Krecik's views on me helping with contesting :XD

03-13 21:47



Sweden - USR

Hitaus. Sorry if I owe you anything/haven't responded. PM me again and I'll try to respond.

The Azuyan Project The Writer's Guild

Eeeeeeee! So gorgeous! So gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I love how intricate all the latest genes have been. So beautiful. I'm so happy. All the spazz! :love

03-13 21:48



United States - USR

Main account. Bean & other favorites reside here.

The Writer's Guild WPAG Into the Woods Very Boring Grownups The Azuyan Project The Pet Association


03-13 21:48

Zeerah Esani


United States - USR

ExpDate:	2014-06-30

i LOVE my Toucan!
Sub of catz. Account named after catz's fursona.

03-13 21:49



Canada - USR

~I make Avvies, Banners, Prize Ribbons and Contest Banners. PM me for examples and Prices~

Very Boring Grownups The Pet Association PIMLPs The Azuyan Project Triple Visible - TV Sweet as Can Be The Writer's Guild WPAG WUA

ZONK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it!!!!!!
imgimgimg imgimgimg

03-13 21:53



United States - USR

We are the Celery!  Down with the Zaeli!

Ferox The Pet Association Doldrums Initiative The Writer's Guild Extravaganza The Azuyan Project WUA Very Boring Grownups Sweet as Can Be

I am pleased. :XD Daddy's Gone. Who one day hopes to have lots of babies to take care of. :XD
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Chasyn: Artist, Hero, Reassurer Extraordinaire (so sayeth the amykwyjibo)

Bringing mutants to life, one ponyedit at a time.

03-13 21:55



United States - USR

waiting for the changes to happen I am beyond curious!

WUA The Writer's Guild The Azuyan Project Very Boring Grownups

Thanks for everything! I now have a reason to make some Pegasi and mixed pairs :love :happy

my little Soren
img img

03-13 21:55



United States - USR

Which code letters did you change to look at TBs on other breeds?
img img img img img img

03-13 21:58



Sweden - ART

-pokes- Busy with college studies Im afraid :/

Very Boring Grownups WPAG Sweet as Can Be The Azuyan Project WUA Into the Woods

Aww! So incredible cute, just like I wanted her to look with her pale lilac/blue body, pale cyan hair and grey zfinch! :3


03-13 22:05



United States - MOD

{MOD status: Active.}

GMA POTW PIMLPs Extravaganza Azuyan Dev The Pet Association Cotton Candy Cart Doldrums Initiative The Azuyan Project The Ice Cream Shop Sweet as Can Be Breeding Mavens WPAG

*squeak of joy* So much love for this s-gene. It is beautiful. I love how it looks. Suits the pegs just brilliantly. Thank you SO much! :love

This birthday has been absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for all of the goodies throughout the celebration. I've had a total ball with everything. :happy
img img img

03-13 22:05



United States - USR

~* I snuggle ALL the ponies! XD *~        ..Note to self: "Flippermiff" aka "Flippermuff" (usachan's name for fin warmers! lol)

The Writer's Guild The Azuyan Project The Pet Association

SOOO beautiful! :: jaw falls onto floor ::

Thank you SO so much! :: squishes entire art team ::


Ohhh I can't wait to start genning! :: hops up and down with joy ::

~* Auren_Glytterkat *~
This is my main account. PMs to my subs will not be answered.

03-13 22:06



Argentina - USR

img img img img img

03-13 22:19



United States - USR

Hey, hi, howdy do!

PIMLPs WUA Into the Woods The Azuyan Project Triple Visible - TV Sweet as Can Be The Writer's Guild

So pretty... :smile

03-13 22:19



United States - USR

Massive Inventory sale.  Private stock stable sale. PG for USD.

Very Boring Grownups

This sgene is totally fantastic. Major kudos to the artist who designed it, and much thanks to the the entire art team, mods, our extravaganza crew, and of course to the Admin. Each event you go above and beyond to make things so much fun. I hope each of you had a chance to enjoy this day too because it's just been one major awesome release after another.
imgimgimg img

03-13 22:22

Mellow Drama~*


United States - USR

[Status: *~New Projects! New Contests! Yay!~* ]...

Happy PI Birthday V&Z!


Loved the suprises you and the team came up with for the Big 8! Thanks so much for the celebrations!

Loves from Mellow~* & her Ponies!

03-13 22:23



Botswana - USR

For my part, I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream. -Vincent van Gogh

Sweet as Can Be Triple Visible - TV The Writer's Guild Ferox The Pet Association WUA The Azuyan Project Into the Woods WPAG

Wow, this is such a beautiful gene. Thank you guys so much! :love

03-13 22:30



United States - USR

Working on Commission stuff!

The Pet Association Very Boring Grownups The Azuyan Project Into the Woods WPAG

Love this new gene! Thank you for all the wonderful new things today! :smile
Great PI birthday today!

This has to be my favorite of all the ones I genned today.

img img

03-13 22:34



United States - USR

Never show your hand.

The Azuyan Project Very Boring Grownups

I just made a pair that produces me this:

Need more ZebraFinch on mounties now.

Thank you so much for the new sgene! :love And thanks to everyone who made this birthday possible!

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